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Homebrewing is becoming increasingly popular and can be an easy, fun, and cost-efficient hobby! Whether it’s designing your own ale, crafting a hard cider, or trying your hand at homemade wine, Reading Soda Works provides you with the freshest ingredients and is available for guidance along the way. We are home to a great selection of equipment and accessories and are the primary provider for the greater Reading area and Berks County.


We carry kegging and tapping supplies, fermenting equipment, beer recipe kits and ingredients, wine recipe kits and ingredients, bottles and bottling tools, capping and corking supplies. We have a wide selection of liquid and dry yeast, base malts and specialty grains, malt extracts, and flavorings/enhancers. We have the equipment needed to satisfy any level of homebrewer from the involved to the novice. If we don’t carry it- we will do our best to order it. Stop in and begin crafting your very own brews and wines.


Let’s face it, crafting your first batch of beer or wine may seem a little complicated. Trying to figure out what equipment and ingredients are needed can be a challenging process (at first).

Essential kits from Brewer’s Best, Vintner’s Best, and Cider House Select have everything you need to make your first batch of beer, wine, or cider. These kits are designed to eliminate the hassle of purchasing individual supplies, and require minimal setup space. We believe homebrewing shouldn’t be intimidating. Pair an ingredient kit with an equipment kit and get yourself or a friend started today.


Interested in trying someone else’s homebrewed recipe? Proud of your own creation and excited to share it with others? In addition to a blog on our website, we are gauging interest in a pilot program called “Brew-N-Share” and would like to get your feedback. The premise is simple- leave one, take one.  Stop into the shop and leave your bottled homebrewed beverage for others to sample, and in turn you are entitled to try from our stock of other customer’s beverages. This program will be 100% free and is designed to create a fun experience for dedicated homebrewers while encouraging our customers to share their experiences with others. The more involved the better! Please sign up for the email list to get started.


These kits come complete with all of the ingredients necessary to brew your very own extract beer or make your favorite style wine. Whether dark or light, fruity or earthy, we are bound to have a kit that suits your beer and wine taste. Kits are available in 1 or 5 gallon batch sizes, as well as beginner skill level through novice skill level. Though these kits come prepackaged for your convenience, there is always room for customization by purchasing additional hops, yeast, flavorings/enhancers, etc. Come in today and try your hand at your very own!